2014-09-25 10:29:57 by bluey26255

hey guys, I made some new Average House comic strips but i haven't posted them yet. new comics will be coming soon. probably this weekend, if not, next weekend because i've been busy. i'm just letting you all know that new comics WILL be coming up in the "Art" section as usual.


2014-09-12 09:47:13 by bluey26255

hey guys, it's me, and i'm back. i know i haven't even made a blogpost in over a year, well i have some news. well, first of all, my comic strip, "Average House" will be back up with new comics very soon. lately i have been making many youtube animations, which is partly the reason why i haven't made too many posts on newgrounds lately, although i just recently got back on. although, i haven't been working on any video series on newgrounds, i have been thinking about bringing the cancelled video series, "EpicWorld", the video series will PROBABLY not have the same name as it did before. i'm thinking about taking the characters from Average House and making them main characters in the video series. for those of you who don't know about EpicWorld, it's a video series me and some friends started working on in late 2011. it didn't seem to be going well so we cancelled it in early 2013. (although we did create one episode in February 2012, but we never released it, we might release the episode if the show gets back up). anyway, that's about it and remember that Average House will be back up with new comics soon. i will give you ONE hint about future Average House comics, and that is that there will be a HUGE plot twist. that's all i'm giving. for more info, message me.

Sincerely, Bluey (p.s if you haven't checked out my youtube channel, you should my username is "Bluey26255CP")


2013-02-16 11:35:02 by bluey26255

epicworld has been cancelled. because i'm focusing more on my COMIC STRIPS on newgrounds, it's a series that's called "Frank and Bill" and i'll be active on it. just a heads-up that i MIGHT continue on epicworld in the future. but i am not positive.


2012-08-10 16:45:08 by bluey26255

hey guys i'm new to this. my youtube account is bluey26255cp, SUBSCRIBE. im gonna make a series called epicworld. so stay tuned for the episodes i will make. just note that the first few will be tests but they will start to look real after a while.